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P-BLOCK Ltd is an independent environmental and management consulting firm based in East Kilbride, Scotland.  


We were founded in 2014 and our services are focussed on de-risking the business activities of our client base through environmental management. 


We support our client base by innovative and cost effective solutions to:

  1. Zero waste

  2. Legal Compliance

  3. Process Optimisation 

  4. Management Systems


We routinely undertake environmental R&D for our client base on an innovative and risk-sharing basis that seeks to deliver pragmatic and profitable solutions.






Our client base is truly international and we have travelled extensively in the pursuit of Environmental Excellence on their behalf.


We built our expertise in the UK but have honed it internationally.

Contact Details



+44 (0) 1355 229446 ext 230

       +44 (0) 7896 237020

.....providing outstanding services every time


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