Everything has an innate value.  So why does so much money get spent on disposing of 'waste'?  The true cost of waste is not just the disposal costs.  True waste costs are derived from raw material, transport, utility, processing and manpower costs and finally disposal costs.  


Cost of waste

The waste hierarchy has been a principle of environmental

management for decades, but it is often neglected in practice

or mis-understood.


P-BLOCK Ltd has established a new service portfolio that will

identify ways of securing value from your solid, liquid or

gaseous waste.  Our service is for physically segregated wastes

or for effluent streams.  


Our expertise stems from zero waste strategy development in the chemical sector.  We offer the following services:  

1.  Waste Compliance Management

2.  Solution Finder

3.  New Product R&D 


Waste Compliance Management is our foundation service that addresses the basic legal requirements facing business.  Our services include:

  1. Initial waste characterisation and classification using European Waste Codes

  2. Preparation of waste data sheets to allow consistent waste transfer note preparation

  3. Waste hierarchy reviews

  4. Audits of 3rd party waste service providers (waste carriers and disposers).


Solution Finder

Solution Finder is our advanced service offering.  It is a service in which we:

  1. Secure initial information from you about your waste

  2. Complete a review of the waste and the process in which it arises

  3. Complete waste characterisation analysis by XRF technique

  4. Complete options evaluation.

  5. Report on options and proposals for solution development.


Our service is  targetted at large-scale waste producers , typically >50 tonnes per annum, and high value yield loss clients.  


If we cannot unlock value from your waste, we will review alternate disposal options that will reduce your costs and avoid landfill.  We will then complete an annual review of (4) and (5) to identify if any significant changes have occurred and guarantee to maintain contact.  Financial support may also be available from public sources.



In cases where waste is of a uniform nature, we can also help identify new product development opportunities.  Our approach will be bespoke to your situation.  


Popular options taken up to date include:

  1. Shared Risk Product Development

  2. Innovation Funding Support

  3. Pure Consultancy offering


We delight in making profitable solutions that disrupt existing supply chains.


We would be delighted to discuss your needs. 


Our experience and client base includes chemical, energy and construction product sector clients. 


.....providing outstanding services every time