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We recognise the operational and financial pressures that face business. 

We believe that every business can improve its bottom line performance through process improvements.

We know that process improvements usually have an environmental dimension.

We support our clients in achieving legally compliant operations, leading sustainability credentials & reduced operating costs.



Our services are based on time-served experience and include:


  • Legal Compliance Management (PPC, COMAH, EU ETS, PRO, Consent to Discharge etc)

  • Zero Waste Strategy including Waste to Poduct Intiatives

  • Internal and supply chain audits

  • Environmental R&D

  • Noise management 


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Achieving legally compliant and low cost operations comes from understanding and then improving processes.  Raw materials, process activities and final product specifications all have a bearing on operational costs.


We are experts in reviewing and improving processes. Here are some examples of our work:


Inputs - we have secured the approval for use of a waste stream as a raw material in a low risk production area that saved the supplier and the user a combined total of £150k per annum.


Process - we have improved the operation of a process where inadequate mixing was causing excessive loss of valuable raw material to effluent and a resultant increase in waste water discharge costs. We have also defended the position of a client in respect of meeting Best Avaialble Technique.


Outputs -  we have completed waste reviews and secured waste to product approvals with regulators.  We have secured cost effective and legally compliant waste outlets for waste producers.  One manufacturer saved in excess of £300k per annum on one waste stream alone.   We have also reviewed on site waste management and saved HUGE amounts of money for a client on the the operation of their thermal oxidiser.



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