Causes of Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae)
Internal Nutrient Loading Must be Stopped.
Why should Cyanobacteria be prevented?






Cyanobacteria blooms present short and long term adverse impacts:

  • Toxicity to humans and pets

  • Stunting of growth of good aquatic plants

  • Death of fish

  • Reputation damage to pond owners

  • Loss of amenity including cessation of use for recreational purposes

Maintaining a stable nutrient balance is key to maintaining a healthy pond or lake - filled with life and a joy to be near.  


Excessive nutrient levels can result in the development of toxic cyanobacteria blooms, especially during warm summer months - such as the bloom in the picture above.


Excess phosphorus nutrient levels can occur from a range of sources including fertiliser run-off, nutrient rich discharges, overstocking and overfeeding of pond wildlife.  Over time, the nutrient inputs accumulate and settle to the sediment of the pond....during the winter....natural processes known as internal nutrient loading then result in the sudden and massive spikes in nutrient releases to the overlying waters. The Cyanobacteria then thrive. 


Preventing fresh nutrient input to a pond is critical.  And P-BLOCK Ltd can support lake owners through catchment survey / analysis to identify and mitigate key catchment inputs.


However, accumulated nutrient in sediment have been demonstrated to take decades to flush naturally from the ecological system.  Year after year the internal nutrient loading mechanisms will be result in seasonal Cyanobacteria blooms.


Limiting the potential for internal nutrient loading is therefore a key prevention mechanism.

Algae Inhibitor

P-BLOCK Algae Inhibitor is...

  • Effective at binding with sediment phosphorus and preventing its release

  • The outcome of 4 years' of dligent research and development activity

  • The leading product for control of internal loading mechanisms - up to six times more effective than other 'capping' agents

  • Manufactured from high purity materials that do not contain high levels of heavy metals - ecologically safe

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Dosed to bind the phosphorus without causing high suspended loads  - safe and controlled applications!


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